Composite Decks

Do you love the idea of an outdoor wood deck but hate pesky splinters and routine maintenance that goes along with it? Composite decking is a great alternative. It’s extremely durable and require little to no maintenance, which is why composite decking is becoming increasingly popular in the Northern Virginia area. Carter Fence is not only an expert in fence installation, but we’ve expanded our services to include wood and composite decks as well!

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Why Choose Composite Decking?

Most composite decking options that we install look and feel like real wood. The wood-like grain and texture, as well as the rich colors, make it seem as though you have a natural wood deck. Composite decking is:

Low maintenance – it was developed in response to common complaints about the maintenance of wood decking. You will never have to stain or treat your composite deck.

Family friendly – composite decks don’t splinter or sliver, which makes them ideal for little bare feet!

Longer lasting – compared to wood decks, composite decking has a longer lifespan. Composite decks are a combination of compressed vinyl, wood, and other recycled materials. The plastic in the wood helps it to withstand the elements much longer than a natural, untreated wood deck.

Consistent – since each board is manufactured from a batch of the same mixed material, each board comes out looking exactly the same. Some people don’t like how natural wood fades over time, with composite decking you don’t have to worry about your boards graying or changing color over time.

Pest and rot resistant – composite decking does not need to be treated to prevent rot or pests. Its unique composition of vinyl and wood make it naturally resistant to mold, decay, and even fungi.

Our Deck Services

At Carter Fence, we resurface decks to give them a brand new look. In most cases the structure of your deck is in good condition—it’s usually the deck boards, steps, hand rails, and railing that tend to deteriorate and splinter. We offer excellent pricing on deck resurfacing!

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If you want the luxury of an outdoor wood deck but don’t want to deal with the upkeep, a composite deck is the right choice for you! Our friendly team of experts can help you design a deck that is perfect for your needs and budget. We offer free estimates for residents in Northern Virginia!

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