Add Curb Appeal with Awnings

To stay comfortable in the hot days of summer in Falls Church, VA, you need an awning for comfort. But these installations add far more than cooler temperatures. They are one of the easiest, most affordable ways to add curb appeal and value to your home.

Carter Fence sells and installs SunSetter awnings because they come in a wide range of styles and designs. There is a fabric for every type of exterior décor and architectural style.

Here is a look at how an awning in Falls Church, VA, enhances the look of a home, keeps you more comfortable, saves you money and lets you stay healthier.

Make Your Home Attractive to Homebuyers

SunSetter awnings come in such a wide variety of colors, designs and styles that you are bound to find just the look you want for your home. Choose classic designs that go well with traditional homes. If you have a modern home, look over the many contemporary styles available.

When homebuyers drive by, you want your home to stand out from the crowd. That’s what an attractive awning can do for you. This is an affordable way to get the attention of the prospective buyer so she comes into the house to check it out. That gives you a better chance to make the sale.

Homebuyers also love what awnings can do for them, beyond adding good looks to the home. They like the finished look they give to the home’s exterior. Savvy buyers know that awnings provide natural comfort. They appreciate the fact that they cut back on harmful UV rays, a major health concern.

The awning you choose in Falls Church, VA, can fit as narrow a space as 8 feet or as wide as 20 feet. All the fabrics used are water-repellent and woven to make them durable. They handle passing rain showers and wind with ease.

These awnings can be hand cranked or opened and closed using a motor that is controlled by a remote device. This is perfect for people with limited physical strength because it all happens with just the push of a button. The remote is portable and easy to use.

Stay Safe from UV Rays

In the U.S., skin cancer is the most prevalent form of this dangerous health problem. Each year more and more cases are reported. The sad fact is, most of the time, it can be prevented. The harmful UV rays of the sun have been directly tied to the onset of skin cancer.

An awning in Falls Church, VA, can significantly reduce the amount of direct sunlight that you get. In fact, SunSetter awnings cut UVA and UVB rays by up to 99%! An ordinary patio umbrella doesn’t even come close.

These awnings also reduce the amount of UV light that gets into your home. If you like to sit by a window during the summer, you are still exposing your skin to harmful UV rays, which are also responsible for signs of premature aging, like wrinkles and age spots. If you put an awning up, you can safely enjoy your seat by the window, without worrying about skin cancer and saggy skin.

Stay Comfortable

An awning can reduce the temperature of the space beneath it by 20 degrees. This is enough to make family members forgo the cool breeze from the air conditioner and actually venture out onto the deck or patio. When you add an awning, you can entertain friends and neighbors knowing they won’t drop from the heat.

Save Money

Running the air conditioner drives up energy bills. When you get outside more during the days of summer, you rely less on the blasts of cold air from your AC unit. That means you use less energy and your bills are lower.

When you place an awning in Falls Church, VA, over a window, you reduce how much sunlight and heat gets in. This makes the room naturally cooler, without the need for running the air conditioner full out all day long. Lower energy expenses are the result.

By limiting how much sunlight gets into a room, you also reduce the risk of fading on furniture, drapes and carpets. This means you don’t have to replace these goods, saving your substantial amounts in the long run.

Trust Experience

Did you know that Carter Fence has been serving the local community since 1986? That’s a long time! Over the years, we have earned a reputation for caring customer service, competitive prices and quality workmanship.

Because we are committed to supplying value to each client, we sell and install the SunSetter brand awning in Falls Church, VA. It has become the #1 selling awning in the U.S. for good reason: it is durable, strong and beautiful. We are proud to offer it to our customers.

At Carter Fence, we want to make sure you get the awning in Falls Church, VA, that looks the best and provides the greatest functionality for your lifestyle. That’s why we offer a free consultation. We want you to get all your questions answered before you invest in awnings. We can help you choose the best location and show you the wide range of designs and styles available.

Carter is trusted by homeowners and businesspeople in the community because we are transparent in our dealings with customers. We have earned an A+ rating on Angie’s List for 8 years in a row and have been recommended by Washington’s top consumer magazine many times.

Here at Carter Fence, we can handle a wide variety of outdoor projects, both commercial and residential, including:

• Awnings
• Wood fences
• Picket fences
• Aluminum fences
• Vinyl fences
• Gates
• Privacy fences
• Estate and pasture fences
• Deck installation
• Deck restoration

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