Carter Fence – Fencing Repairs – Tysons Corner, VA

In Tysons Corner, VA, fencing repairs are something many people think they can handle themselves. If that idea stops at hammering a nail back in place after a storm loosens several boards or touching up the paint, that is fine. For anything else, every homeowner needs a professional service to keep their fences looking as good as the day they were installed.

At Carter Fence, we sell, install, and repair every type of fence and material on the market. We take pride in knowing what each bit of fencing needs to increase not just curb appeal, but an owner’s satisfaction with their own home. For example:

Aluminum Fencing – This material is growing in popularity in Northern Virginia, especially for garden fences. It resists storm damage very well and holds color superbly. Common damage problems are dents and scraped paint from lawn mowers and other lawn care equipment. Occasionally, the weather pulls a loose slat off a post. Our technicians can fix most of these problems in just an afternoon, but replacing a damaged slat may require replacing the brackets to reattach it.

Chain Link Fencing – Still the most popular and cost-effective choice for security and many backyard fences. The galvanized steel threads are very resistant to weather damage and flexes away from most physical damage. Common damage problems usually come from lawn care equipment and vandalism or a break-in.

Even minor bending at the bottom of a fence can allow pets or children to escape. It is best to let our technicians use the right tools to straighten the damage correctly. For these fencing repairs in Tysons Corner, VA, we strip out the damaged pieces, loosen the tension on the affected section, and weave in new steel threads. Then, we slowly return the tension and adjust the threads until everything matches exactly.

Vinyl Fencing – Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC fencing, is also growing in popularity for decorative and pool fences. We often use it as an alternative for wood because it resists damage from the sun and adverse weather better than any other material on the market today. Because of its toughness, it is difficult to damage, and when it does happen, it takes a major event like a severe storm or a car crashing through your yard. Repairs to your fence in this situation usually mean that we remove and replace the damaged sections.

Wood Fencing – Despite the benefits of other fencing material, wood has a feel that many homeowners still prefer for the deck and other fences close to the home, especially if they entertain outside. While wood may be more vulnerable to the weather and sun exposure, it is also easier for us to care for if the homeowner calls us in at the first sign of cracking and splitting. We dry and then seal the affected pieces against further water intrusion and use UV resistant paints to increase the fence’s lifespan from the sun.

Major fencing repairs in Tysons Corner, VA require professional service. Even if we did not install it, contact Carter Fence at 703-255-0824 for help. We offer free on-site consultation and estimate for each job. If your repairs run over $795, we offer a $50 discount if you mention this offer when you call.


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