Chain Link Fence Manassas, VA

In Manassas, VA, the chain link fence helps business owners secure their property affordably. Whether it is a storage area or factory, parking lot or playing field, chain link does the job for years, with little if any maintenance.

Chain Link Is Affordable?

Chain link is made of wire mesh, woven in a zigzag design into a diamond pattern. This open weave is strong, securing premises while letting people look in.

The wire mesh is stretched between posts, which are embedded in cement. This gives the fence great stability and toughness.

Made of galvanized steel, a chain link fence in Manassas, VA, comes in a variety of strengths. The wider the steel is, the stronger the fence. Plain galvanized steel is a gray color, perfect for industrial uses.

The wire can also be coated in vinyl to give it more appeal. Standard color coating, like black and green, also helps keep the wire free from rust.

Who Uses Chain Link Fencing?

Businesses, government agencies and schools all use chain link fence in Manassas, VA. For example, a factory can use it to keep unauthorized people out. Kennels use it to keep dogs from roaming. They are used to surround construction sites to keep people away from dangerous terrain.

Airports use them for security, and law enforcement uses it in correctional facilities. Schools use them for playground and sports fields. Military bases are often surrounded by chain link fences. Highway projects use them to protect equipment and keep people out.

The Many Benefits of Chain Link

A chain link fence in Manassas, VA, has several advantages for businesses and other groups, including:

  • Chain link keeps people out, who shouldn’t be in a certain area. It protects both the individuals and the equipment and buildings. With options like wire on top and railings on the bottom, it can keep out even determined vandals.
  • Chain link is one of the most affordably priced of all fence materials, making it cost-effective when large areas need to be secured.
  • Low maintenance. Chain link requires no painting and little upkeep. It lasts for 15 to 20 years, or more.
  • This type of fence can be built on a variety of terrains, at heights that range from 3 to 12 feet, or more.

Work with the Fence Experts

Carter Fence has been helping businesses in the local area for over three decades. People trust the team at Carter to build a fence that is long lasting, competitively priced and effective.

Carter Fence handles a variety of outdoor projects, including:

  • Chain link fences
  • Privacy fences
  • Wood fences
  • Split rail fences
  • Deck resurfacing, repair and construction
  • Awning installation

For a free, no-obligation quote for a chain link fence in Manassas, VA, call Carter Fence today.

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