Choosing the Right Wood for Your Fence in Falls Church, VA

When you have decided on the site, measurements, boundary, and budget of your wood fence in Falls Church, VA, it’s time to choose the right wood for that fence.

It’s important to remember that wood is frequently selected over vinyl or aluminum due to its beauty. Nevertheless, not all wood is equal; the wood used for your fence depends on the price, quality, and durability you are looking for.

Picking a Grade
When picking a wood grade for your fence, you will have to choose from construction, select, premium or clear grade wood. The most expensive choices are clear and premium grade woods, which have a uniform appearance, are the most durable and of the highest quality. Select and construction grade woods are less expensive and of good quality for fence building; however, one side of the lumber may have slight imperfections.

Pine, Fir or Spruce
Pine, Fir, and Spruce continue to be popular options for wood fences due to their price. Spruce is typically utilized to produce premade, stockade-style or picket fences. Pine and Fir fall under the classification of pressure-treated woods. An insecticidal preservative called CCA, or chromated copper arsenate, is utilized to discourage termites and other bugs from destroying these woods. Pine and Fir are also frequently treated with a water-repellent stain that prevents rot.

Cedar and Cypress
Cypress trees grow in the South, and are typically delivered far away, and can be an expensive option for fences. Cedar is a middle-of-the-road option that may better fit your budget plan.
Cedar includes natural oils, while cypress includes a natural chemical called cypretine. Both of these fragrant oils and chemicals are a deterrent to bugs, making them a great option for fences. These woods are rot-resistant, providing a longer life-span than other wood options. Increase the life-span of your cedar or cypress fence by picking wood that is treated to avoid it from turning gray in color.

Redwood is a beautiful wood, and it’s more expensive that the other woods previously listed. Due to its price, most homeowners do not choose to use Redwood for long fences; however, its looks, quality, and durability make it among the very best products from which to build a fence. If you still wish to use redwood, a way to save on costs is to utilize higher-grade redwood for fence panels and a lower-grade wood for the fence posts. Redwood has to be treated with a clear stain or finish to avoid the wood from turning a grayish color with age.

Deciding which type of wood fence material you want for your Falls Church, VA home may be the most difficult part of the installation. Contact Carter Fence for a free quote. We can help you decide on a type of wood fencing will work best for you home and your budget!

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