Choosing to Build a Floating Deck in Stafford County VA

More homeowners are choosing to build a floating deck in Stafford County, VA. Floating decks – also known as platform decks – are custom built to meet your needs, complement the style of your home, and fit within your budget.

All that floating decks require is a level area of your home lot; they are built close to the ground, usually attached to the main level of your home either in the back or on the side of the house. In some cases, homeowners choose to build a floating deck elsewhere in their Stafford County, VA yard. Floating decks usually don’t have railings or have many stairs, which is a saves you money on materials and labor.

Another nice feature of floating decks is that they can take any shape you and your deck builder can imagine. Some floating decks have multiple “rooms” places to cook, eat, entertain, even have a good soak in a hot tub.

Many homes Stafford County, VA are built with cement slab patios. The good news is that you may be able to build your floating deck over an existing patio. Your deck builder will need to use pressure treated wood where it comes in contact with the patio, but after that, any deck flooring can be used.

However, there are a few situations that could prevent building a floating deck over an existing patio.

  • Low doorways and windows
  • An unstable patio slab
  • Drainage problems with the current patio

If you have these situations with your patio, it will have to be removed before you build your new floating deck.

It’s important to note that when you build a custom deck in Stafford County, VA, you and your builder need to be aware of the restrictions imposed by setbacks and codes of the county, as well as any requirements from your Homeowner’s Association.

Homeowners looking to build a deck in Stafford County, VA should contact the experts at Carter Fence. The talented Carter Fence team will be happy to discuss floating and other kinds of decks, deck materials, and how we can provide the deck services you need to build a custom deck in Stafford County, VA. Carter Fence offers free estimates for all of our services including our deck and fence services. Please contact us online or by phone at 703-255-0824 to schedule your free on-site consultation!

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