Common Metal Fence Repair for Aluminum Fences for Homes in Leesburg, VA

Under normal circumstances, aluminum fences are quite famous for their long life expectancy. If well maintained, an aluminum fence can last up to 30 years or longer. Unfortunately, harsh weather and ground shifting can cause unforeseen damage requiring metal fence repair for your Leesburg, VA fencing.

Over the years, the natural movement of the soil can cause your aluminum fence to shift positions, which results in sags and droops that can interfere with the proper functioning of your fence; not to mention, it can give your fence an unattractive appearance making it an eyesore in your Leesburg, VA neighborhood.

Windstorms or lighting at your home in Leesburg, VA can uproot sections of your aluminum fence; particularly, if your fence was built from lightweight aluminum. Fallen branches or trees and even the possibility of a vehicle gone astray can cause a lot of damage to your fence requiring metal fence repair either by a homeowner do-it-yourselfer or a qualified professional such as the team at Carter Fence. Just simple wear and tear can cause problems, but regular maintenance can avoid some of these issues at your Leesburg, VA home.

Common Issues with Aluminum Fencing that Require Metal Fence Repair

  • Posts that shift or uproot. If your posts were originally set in concrete, your metal fence repair at your home in Leesburg, VA might consist of having to break up the concrete with a sledgehammer and dig out the concrete; afterward, brace your gate posts and pour new cement.
  • Gate Not Swinging Smoothly. This metal fence repair for Leesburg, VA homes may be avoided by lubricating the fence gate hinges on a regular basis. If that doesn’t work, you may have to replace the hinges.
  • Damaged Fence Section. Aluminum fences sometimes become bent, twisted, or damaged in some way. Typically, this metal fence repair at your Leesburg, VA home will require the section of that fence to be replaced.

Whatever required metal fence repairs you need on your Leesburg, VA property, Carter Fence can help. Just give them a call, and they will be glad to come to your home and give you an estimate on repairs.



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