Common Metal Fence Repair for Damaged Fences at Homes in McLean, VA

A well–maintained metal fence will normally last for at least 30 years or longer under normal circumstances for homes in McLean, VA. However, shifting of the ground, harsh weather, and heavy use will cause damage that will require metal fence repair.

Damage Caused to Metal Fences Which Require Metal Fence Repair

Natural shifting of the ground can cause aluminum or steel metal fencing to shift position over the years. This shifting will result in sags and droops, which not only are unattractive but may interfere with the proper functioning of your fence at your home in McLean, VA. Needed metal fence repairs should be done to fix the damage so that it will function properly and not be an eyesore.

Windstorms and lightning can batter sections of a lightweight aluminum metal fence. A runaway vehicle or fallen tree or branch can do extreme damage to a metal fence at homes in McLean, VA. Aluminum fencing can easily be dented if it is bumped by humans or large animals. All damage should be fixed as soon as possible.

Common Metal Fence Repairs

  • Gates not swinging properly—Metal fence repair to gates that do not swing smoothly may require the lubrication of moving parts such as the hinges on a regular basis. You may even need to replace hinges or latches to fix the problem. These can be purchased at your local McLean, VA hardware store. Sometimes the gateposts or sections of the fence adjoining the gate may need metal fence repair.
  • Shifted or Uprooted Posts—If posts were already set in concrete, you might have to break up the old concrete, dig it out, brace the metal posts, and pour in new concrete.
  • Bent or Twisted Metal Fencing—Metal fence repair may consist of just hammering a metal fence back into shape. McLean, VA homeowners with aluminum metal fencing may require replacement of the damaged section.

Some metal fence repairs at homes in McLean, VA should be done by a professional fence company such as Carter Fence. They have years of repairing metal fences and can advise you whether your fence can be repaired or should be replaced on your McLean, VA property.





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