Common Reasons for Wooden Fence Repair in Leesburg, VA

A wood fence gives character to your landscaping at your home in Leesburg, VA, but if not properly maintained, it can become an eyesore very quickly. Occasional wooden fence repair will no doubt be in store for any homeowner with a wood fence or any fence as far as that goes. However, wood fences in Leesburg, VA seem to be more prevalent in wooden fence repair due to these common reasons such as severe weather (rainfall, snowstorms, salt air, or heavy winds), vandalism, insect infestation, and damage from vehicles.

Common problems that can occur that require wooden fence repairs on properties in Leesburg, VA include—

  • Dry or wet rot should be cut out of the fence and then patched or replaced.
  • Damage from termites requires wooden fence repair or replacement, depending on the severity of the damage at your home in Leesburg, VA. To prevent termite damage from reoccurring, apply a protectant for excessive moisture.
  • Sagging fence posts are due to either the post itself or the hole. Sometimes the post will rot, and the wooden fence repair might consist of just splinting it, or if it has decayed severely, it will need to be replaced. If the hole is too big for the post, add crushed stone or pour concrete into the hole to fill in around the post. When applying concrete, form a mound with the sides slanting away from the post.
  • Sagging or wobbly fencing can be a result of dampness, inferior quality wood, weather conditions, and more. Sometimes a sagging fence at your Leesburg, VA home can be supported with either a brace or tension rod.
  • Rusted or popped nails simply need to be replaced.
  • Fallen panels or rails usually are the result of a bad storm or sudden impact to your fence on your property in Leesburg, VA. Wooden fence repair would require putting the pieces back in place if possible or replacing those pieces with new panels or rails.

Whatever wooden fence repair you might encounter, the team at Carter Fence is here to help out homeowners in Leesburg, VA with all their fencing needs.

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