Deck Awnings

Despite all of your planning and preparation, blistering temperatures or unexpected drizzle can zap the life out of your outdoor gathering. Guests feel sticky and uncomfortable, and the party atmosphere is never the same when you try to move the festivities indoors. For this reason, one of the most important facets of your deck construction is the installation of a deck awning. The shaded area provides temperatures up to 20 degrees lower than a spot in direct sunlight, and it protects your guests from mist or light summer rain. Installing a deck awning is a simple procedure that takes only a few hours, but yields incredible results.

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Types of Deck Awnings We Install

At Carter Fence, we offer two different types of retractable awnings for decks including:

  • Manual: For small decks, you may opt for a manual awning. Using the crank, you’ll be able to deploy the awning from its case in seconds.
  • Motorized: If you have a larger deck, or you want a larger awning, a motorized retractable awning is your best choice. The awning extends with the push of a button, and many of the newest models even come with a remote control options.

What a Does Deck Awning Installation Include?

Unlike a permanent awning, retractable awnings don’t require extensive support structures in the yard or around the deck to withstand the weight of the unit. This means we don’t have to dig holes in your yard, pour concrete or other costly and time-consuming tasks. Installation of a retractable deck awning is a five step procedure.

  1. Using a level and a chalk line, we’ll marks the lowest point that the casing will reach once it hangs on the side of the home. Most teams install the awning 8-9′ off the ground, but if you need a taller awning, speak with your representative before the installation team arrives.
  2. After marking, we will measure out the spacing for several support braces that must be secured on the wall in order to hold the unit. The number of braces varies, depending on the size of the casing, the weight of the materials, as well as potential wind shear calculations done by the awning experts.
  3. Next we will need to drill a series of small holes to anchor each of the support braces to the wall. This is the part of the installation that takes the longest, especially if the anchor holes must be drilled into solid brick or stone. After the drilling, your installer will fasten the braces with heavy duty bolts, guaranteed to stand up to all but the harshest weather conditions.
  4. With the braces in place, the installation team attaches the casing to the braces and plugs the motor into a wall socket.
  5. Before leaving, the team tests the unit several times to ensure it deploys and retracts the way it was designed. Any issues that arise will be dealt with on-site if possible.

Free Estimates on Deck Awning Installation

Your deck is an outdoor investment that you want to be able to enjoy all year long, and with the right deck awning, you can do just that. Don’t let the summer sun or cloudy skies ruin your plans this summer.  Upgrade your deck with an affordable retractable awning from Carter Fence. We offer free estimates on all of our awning installations for homeowners in the Northern Virginia area. Contact us online or call today at 703-255-0824!