Fence Post Installation in Alexandria, VA

Installing fence posts is one of the most difficult parts of installing a new fence. Remember that fence posts are an essential part of your fence design, so if anything goes wrong with its installation, you will have to face the risk of your fence falling over. Improper fence installation can also make your fence unstable and more prone to damage. So, always provide enough leverage to your fence posts to withstand external forces such as strong winds and gravity. As far as fence post installations are concerned, the thumb rule is to bury one-third of the total post height underground. 

How to do fence post installation in Alexandria, VA?

Fence post installation begins with digging the ground. Before this, make sure that the area you are going to dig does not have any pipes or underground cables running through it.

Begin your work by marking out the fence line with a string. You need to ensure that the fence posts are installed so that they are spaced precisely to contain the fence panels between them. To ensure this, mark the location of your fence posts using a batten having the same width of the fence panels. The next step is to dig the holes. While doing this, make sure that 2/3 of the post remains above the ground. Also, remember to leave approximately six inches’ space at the bottom of the hole for filling the gravel.

Once you are done with the digging, pour gravel to the hole before placing the posts in them. Now, add concrete for strengthening the posts. Leave some concrete above the ground level, which you can trowel the to make a slope at the foot of the post. This slope is for making sure water does not pool around the fence post. As the next step, check both fence posts using a spirit level and support them up using timber boards if they are not properly leveled. 

Why choose Carter Fence?

If you are a person who would like to do your fence installation on your own, remember that there are certain areas where you might go wrong. For example, while deciding the depth of the hole you have to dig for installing your fence posts. If you go wrong here, you will be buying shorter fence posts than what is required for your fence. So, hiring a professional such as Carter Fence for your fence works is a more intelligent decision. 

We are a family-owned local fence contractor who provides superior services to our numerous clients to enhance the safety and curb appeal of their homes. Make sure to give us a call us if you are looking for fence post installation in Alexandria, VA.

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