Fence Post Installation in Arlington, VA

Are you looking to install a new fence for your garden? Undoubtedly, installing fence posts will be a significant part of such work. Keep in mind that such jobs require skill and high accuracy, and if you mess it up, your fence will not get the necessary support from it, and the fence panels will fall eventually. This will make your entire labor to go in vain. If fence posts are not correctly installed, it can make your fence unstable and more prone to damage.   So, make sure to provide enough leverage to your fence posts while you install them. This will help the posts to withstand external forces such as gravity and strong winds. 

How to do fence post installation in Arlington, VA?

The first step is to dig the holes to fix the posts on the ground. However, make sure that the area you are supposed to dig is entirely free of any pipes and underground cables before you start your work.

Now, mark the fence line with a string. Then, using a batten having the same width of the fence panels you are going to install, measure the distance between the two posts and make sure that they are adequately spaced from each other to accommodate both the fence panels. Once confirming this, you can start to dig the holes. An important thing to observe while doing this is to make sure that 2/3 of the post stays above the ground. You also have to leave approximately six inches’ space at the bottom of the hole for filling the gravel.

Once you have finished digging the holes to install the fence posts, pour gravel into it before placing the posts in them. As the next step, add concrete for strengthening the posts. While adding concrete, always leave some of it above the ground level, You can trowel this excess concrete to make a slope like structure at the foot of the post. This is for making sure water drains off the post smoothly. Now, using a spirit level, make sure both the posts are properly leveled. In case the leveling is not done correctly, support them using timber boards. 

Why choose Carter Fence?

Some hardcore do-it-yourselfers would prefer to do their fence post installation without taking professional help. However, this approach has some significant disadvantages. For example, what if you miscalculate the depth of the post hole? Usually, this will lead you to buy shorter fence posts than required. So, it is always better to hire a professional fence contractor who is both experienced and trustworthy such as Carter Fence if you are looking for a fence post installation in Arlington, VA.

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