Fence Post Installation in Falls Church, VA

The most challenging part of installing a new fence is installing fence posts. You have to be extremely careful and accurate while doing this. If something goes wrong with the installation, it can negatively affect your fence’s smooth operation. It can even cause your fence to fall over. So, while doing this job, always ensure enough leverage to your fence posts to withstand strong winds and forces of gravity.

How to do fence post installation in Falls Church, VA?

Here is a short guide on how to install fence posts for all do-it-yourselfers out there. Digging the ground for installing fence posts is the first step. You should make sure no pipes or underground cables are present in the area you are supposed to dig. If you are not sure about this, contact your utility provider and confirm this first.

Now start the fence post installation by mapping out the fence line with a string. Before fixing the digging location, make sure the post holes are appropriately distanced to contain your fence panels between them. To ensure this, you can use a batten with the same width as your fence panels. Place them in between the post holes and measure the distance to ensure that the hole’s location is correct.

Once the spot for digging the holes is confirmed, start digging them. However, you should make sure that the holes should be deep enough so that 1/3 of the post will remain under the ground after installation. Also, leave around six inches’ space in the bottom side of the post hole to fill gravel.

As the next step, pour gravel to the hole to strengthen the holes and place the posts in it. Now, add concrete to the hole for fixing the posts. Let some of the concrete be left above the ground level. This is for constructing a small slope at the foot of the post to allow for water run-off. Now, use a spirit level and check if the posts are correctly leveled. If not, give support to them using timber boards so that they remain in their right position. 

Why choose Carter Fence?

We would also like to add the fact that if you are installing your fence post on your own, there are chances that you may go wrong at several places. For example, what if you don’t know precisely how deep you should dig for installing the fence posts?  In such cases, there is a chance that you may mess up the whole thing. So, why take chances? You can hire professionals in the field who have tons of experience in doing the job. Call Carter Fence if you are looking for a fence post installation in Falls Church, VA. 

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