Fence Post Installation in Great Falls, VA

Are you thinking of installing a new fence for your home? In that case, one of the challenging step you will have to face is installing fence posts for them. This is something you need to do very carefully as fence posts are the basic structure which supports your fence. So, if anything goes wrong while installing fence posts, it will make your fence unstable and may even cause it to fall when they are exposed to external forces such as strong winds or even gravity. To avoid this, it would be best if you provide good leverage to your fence posts. A simple rule you have to remember while installing fence posts is that one-third of the total post height must be buried underground. 

How to carry out fence post installation in Great Falls, VA 

The first thing you need to do for installing a fence post is digging holes to fix the posts. However, make sure no underground cables or pipes are running through the area you are going to dig. If you are not sure about this, call up your utility provider and confirm this before starting any digging work.

Once this has been done, map out the fence line with a string. Before deciding the exact place to dig the holes, you need to make sure they are spaced precisely to contain the fence panels between them. For this, you can make use of a batten having the same length of your fence panels and measure the distance between the holes. 

Once you know the exact location of the post holes, you can start digging. While digging holes to install your fence post, make sure that they have enough depth to hold 1/3 of the post in them. Don’t forget you have to fill gravel in the hole before putting in the post. Leave approximately six inches’ space at the bottom of the hole for this.

Once the digging is over, fill the holes with gravel and put the posts into them. As the next step, add concrete to fix the posts in the holes. Remember to leave some concrete above the ground level, while doing this. You can trowel this excess concrete to make a slope at the foot of the posts to make sure water does not collect around the fence posts. Now, as the last step, check whether both the posts are appropriately levelled using a spirit level. In case they are not leveled correctly, you can use timber boards to support them. 

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