Fence Post Installation in Vienna, VA

Installing a fence post on your own is one of the challenging tasks you will have to face while installing a new fence. You need to be extra careful and do the job with high accuracy if you want it to withstand external forces such as strong winds and gravity. On the other hand, if you mess up the installation of fence posts, your fence will be unstable and fall eventually. In our opinion, you should call professional fence service providers for the job so that you can rest assure that the installation is done correctly.

How to do fence post installation in Vienna, VA?

The first step in fence post installation is to dig the holes in proper places to fix the fence posts. However, before starting to dig, make sure no underground cables are running through it. Now, mark a fence line with a string. You also need to make sure that the posts holes are spaced correctly from each other to hold your fence panels between them. You can use a batten with the same width as your fence panels for making sure the area between the fence posts will comfortably hold the fence panels.

Once you have determined the exact spot of the holes, make sure dig them deep enough. As a thumb rule, while digging a hole for installing a fence post, 2/3 of the post should remain above the ground. Also, leave approximately six inches’ space at the bottom side of the hole for filling gravel before placing the posts in it. 

Now fill the gaps with concrete for reinforcing the posts. Let some concrete be left above the ground level and construct a slope at the foot of the post using this excess concrete. This will allow the water to drain off from the bottom of the posts appropriately. Finally, you need to check whether the posts are correctly leveled. You can use a spirit level for this. In case you find any misalignment in the posts, use timber boards to support them. 

Why choose Carter Fence?

Are you a hardcore do-it-yourselfer who prefers to do things by yourself and do not like calling for professional help? In that case, let us remind you there are certain risks involved with converting a fence post installation job to a do-it-yourself project. For example, what if you go wrong while calculating the depth of the post holes? If fence post holes are not deep enough or not prepared well before placing the post, it can eventually lead to the collapse of your fence. Why take unnecessary risks? You can make things simpler by hiring us if you are looking for fence post installation in Vienna, VA.

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