Shadowbox Fence In Broadlands, VA

Shadowbox Fence In Broadlands, VA

Do you have an older shadowbox fence on your Broadlands, VA property that’s looking a bit ragged around the edges?  Or maybe you’ve got a newer shadowbox fence that was recently damaged by a recent storm.  In either case, it happens.  It’s inevitable.  Sooner or later, no matter how sturdy and durable your fence, something is going to cause damage to it.

When that happens, you may be inclined to fix the damage yourself.  That’s pretty common, and as long as you’re reasonably handy with tools and have a strong back, you should be able to make the repairs yourself, but there’s a catch.  Pay attention to the fact that you need a strong back, because even if you’re fixing a moderately damaged fence, there will be lots of bending and lifting and it will almost certainly take longer than you imagine that it will.

There’s nothing special or magical about repairing a shadowbox fence on your Broadlands, VA though.  Repairing one of those is a functionally similar to repairing a solid board privacy fence, with the major difference being that the fence boards are on both sides, which is how that particular type of fence gets its name.  By placing the boards that way, it creates a visually interesting dimensionality in the fence, and it does that without complicating your repair effort, though it may mean more walking around from one side of the fence to the other!

If you don’t yet have a fence on your property and you’re interested in adding a privacy fence to create a secluded backyard paradise for you and your family, you may want to consider a shadowbox.  Standard privacy fences are fine, of course, but they do have one potential drawback.  The outside of the fence looks amazing, but the view you have from in your back yard is a little underwhelming.

Adding a shadowbox fence on your Broadlands, VA property neatly solves this problem by giving you the same level of privacy, but with the added benefit that it looks the same no matter which side of the fence you’re standing on, so you get to enjoy the same beautiful aesthetic that people driving past your house do.

Even better, you don’t have to sacrifice the number of options if you decide you want to go the shadowbox route.  They’re available in natural wood, vinyl, and composite materials, and you can get yours in virtually any color or stain option you can imagine.  On top of that, whatever sort of privacy fence you opt for, you can add a wide range of caps to give your fence a distinctive look that is an expression of your personality.

What are you waiting for?  The privacy fence you’ve always wanted is just a phone call away.  Give us a call today.

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