Fix Common Problems with Aluminum Fence Repair in Northern, VA

A well-maintained aluminum fence can last up to 30 years or longer. Nevertheless, unkind weather, everyday use, and the shifting ground can cause unexpected damage to any fence in Northern, VA. Some of the more common aluminum fence repairs that most homeowners in Northern, VA experience may include:

Damages to Aluminum Fences

The natural movement of soil can cause aluminum fencing to shift its position over a period of years. This shifting can cause sags and droops in your aluminum fence.

Once this starts to happen, it can result in your fence becoming an eyesore for your community. It may also interfere with your fence functioning correctly.

Harsh weather from windstorms, hurricanes, and lightning can damage or uproot sections of the fence requiring necessary aluminum fence repair so that your fence in Northern, VA will remain functional and safe.

Other ways of damage can happen by accident from a tree or heavy branch falling on your fence. A lighter weight aluminum fence can be dented when bumped by large animals or people.

Wear and tear over years of use is probably one of the more common reasons for necessary aluminum fence repairs at your home in Northern, VA. Some of this can be avoided if you follow through with a routine maintenance program for your aluminum fence.

Problems Requiring Aluminum Fence Repair

  • Gates that don’t swing smoothly.
  • Posts that have shifted or become uprooted.
  • Fence rails that are loose or missing.
  • Fencing that is bent or twisted.
  • Aluminum fence that is soiled or stained.

Whatever your necessary aluminum fence repairs might be in Northern, VA, call the team at Carter Fence. They will be more than glad to give you the best advice on how to handle the aluminum fence repairs or if maybe you should invest in a new fence entirely.

Carter Fence will completely walk the perimeter of your fence in Northern, VA, and note all repairs necessary to make your fence both functional and safe. They will give you an estimate for the materials and their labor costs, and if you are interested, they can quote you a price for an entirely new fence.

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