Good Fences Make Good Neighbors in Fairfax VA

As the saying goes, “Good fences make for good neighbors.” And while that is true in many cases, if you fail to talk to your neighbor before your fence is built, you may find that you’ve damaged the relationship with your neighbor beyond repair.

Here are some things you can do (or not do) to help things along when you want to build a fence.


  • Discuss your fence plans with your neighbor
  • Check with your neighbor to ensure that part of your fence is not on their property
  • Submit plans with your Homeowners Association (HOA)
  • Have the unfinished or less attractive side of the fence facing inwards towards your home
  • Choose a classic design that matches the esthetic of your neighborhood
  • Maintain both sides of your fence; if you think that your neighbor won’t allow it, pick a fence that requires very little maintenance, like vinyl or aluminum.


  • Expect your neighbor to chip in for the fence, unless you both agree to undertake the fence building (and have a contract saying so)
  • “Forget” to notify your neighbor that you are building a fence; give them plenty of notice
  • Build your fence exactly on your property line; go 1-2 feet inside the line
  • Expect your neighbor to do any upkeep on your fence
  • Trim their tree branches on your side of the fence, without talking to your neighbor first (they may prefer to do it on their side)

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