How Privacy Fences for Homes in Manassas, VA Offer Seclusion

Homeowners in Manassas, VA, who decide to make their backyard a place of seclusion, should install privacy fences to turn their backyard into a truly tranquil area. The most popular types of privacy fences include wood and vinyl.

Most wooden privacy fences normally feature tall pickets that are placed close together to block the view of the backyard from neighbors and passerbyers, secluding Manassas, VA families from the outside world. These wooden privacy fences come from different wood species; the most common lumber types are light pressure–treated wood or cedar.

These types of wood have both pros and cons. The pros are that these types of wooded privacy fences are mostly affordable and offer a gorgeous rustic style; the cons are that they require regular sealing or re–staining and a shorter lifespan than other types.

Vinyl privacy fences are quite popular and the staple of suburban curb appeal for homes in Manassas, VA. Privacy fences made from vinyl are easy to maintain and have an incredible look, which Manassas, VA homeowners love.

Vinyl fencing is immune to rot and mold, which will damage wood privacy fences. They last much longer than wooded fences. They are also easy to keep clean with just a little soap and water from the garden hose.

There are a variety of styles that you can get in vinyl fencing for your privacy fence and different accent pieces, such as post caps, to enhance your privacy fencing. Although white vinyl fencing is quite popular among homeowners in Manassas, VA, it also comes in various colors. You can even get it to replicate the look of wood, but without the high maintenance that comes with a wooden privacy fence.

Vinyl fencing is safe for young children and pets because it is splinter free for little fingers and paws.

Putting up a privacy fence at your home in Manassas, VA should be left to the professionals to ensure a strong, sturdy fence. Professionals know the ins and outs of installing fences so that they will stand up straight for many years to come. The team at Carter Fence has over 30 years of experience in fence installation. Call them for a free estimate on your desired privacy fence.





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