How to Save On a Major Fence Repair at your Home in Arlington, VA

Homeowners build fences not only for protection but it gives their home curb appeal and increases the value of their property. When you properly maintain your fence, it can serve you for years. Let it go, and the cost of fence repairs for your home in Arlington, VA can turn into major repairs.

Fence repair can vary anywhere from $250 to $700 or higher if the fence repairs require extensive replacement in different areas.

Different damages to fences and their fence repair include—

  • Rotten Fence Boards or Posts—This is a common fence repair most homeowners in Arlington, VA endure if the fence is not properly maintained. Chemical treatment for the wood, filling and patching any holes and then staining or painting the fence or post will prevent further rotting. In some cases, the rotten boards or posts may have to be replaced as part of your fence repair.
  • Fallen or Missing Boards—Not only do fallen sections of a fence destroy the appearance of your home in Arlington, VA, but the function of the fence may be in jeopardy as well. If you are protecting small children or pets from getting out of a fenced yard, this could be a major issue. If this is the case, fence repairs should be done as soon as possible.
  • Misaligned or Falling Gates—Gate hinges wear out when used continuously every day by homeowners in Arlington, VA. These hinges may need to be replaced as part of your fence repair. Depending on the damage, a replacement gate may be needed as well.

Rot and mold can do havoc to a wooden fence. The sooner you spot these problems and take care of your fence repairs, the less expensive your repairs will cost you. Replace only the rotten boards. Letting this problem go will only develop into a larger fence repair or possibly if let go too long, you could be looking at replacing your entire fence for your home in Arlington, VA.

Some minor fence repairs can be done by Arlington, VA homeowners while other more involved fence repairs should be left to a professional fence company such as Carter Fence.

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