Invisible Dog Fence Repair in Northern, VA

Dog fence repair in Northern, VA can be as simple as replacing a fencing board or a more involved dog fence repair may involve replacing a post. Either way, with any carpenter skills at all, most homeowners tend to try these repairs on their own.

Some Northern, VA homeowners may have an invisible fence that can make the dog fence repair even more complicated because if it is the boundary wire which is under the ground, you have to locate the break and repair. But frequently, the dog fence repair can be a simple fix, so let’s start with the simple fixes first.

If your dog is going past the boundary of the wire in your yard in Northern, VA, you first want to check the dog collar. It could be that the collar is too loose, and the contact posts aren’t touching your dog’s skin; therefore, the signal is not relayed to your dog that the boundary wire was breached. Also, tighten the battery cap on the collar if it has become loose.

The most frequent dog fence repair for an invisible fence for dog owners in Northern, VA is as easy as changing the battery in the collar. Some invisible pet fences come with a battery tester that you place on the collar. Walk past the boundary line, and if the tester lights up and you hear the audible warning from the collar, you know that the battery is functioning correctly. If you hear the warning, but the light doesn’t flash, replace the battery. Or you can just change the battery and cross over the boundary line to check to see if the collar is working properly. If the battery was the problem, then the collar should work correctly as you approach the hidden boundary wire.

Invisible fence systems in Northern, VA have some sort of indicator light on the transmitter, which shows you if the system is working properly and there is no break in the wire. If you have a wire break, usually a single light will go out, or an alarm will sound, and several lights may flash. If there are no lights or warning signs, it could be that your transmitter experienced a lightning surge, and all you need to do is reset the transmitter.

Finding a broken wire may be the worst of the dog fence repair you will experience with an invisible fence. Although you might be able to do this yourself, it might be best to contact the dealer or have an experienced fence installer such as Carter Fence come and inspect your fence and make the necessary dog fence repairs at your home in Northern, VA.

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