Privacy Fence Installation in Arlington VA

As a homeowner, one of the things you realize with time is that there are a number of crucial choices you have to make concerning your property. One of these is to upgrade your home by using a privacy fence.

Such a fence, when properly installed, can keep nosey neighbors out of your business, give you a sense of being unselfconscious when you’re in your backyard while still adding to the aesthetic value of your home. 

For the best privacy fence installation results in Arlington VA, it’s always recommended that you seek assistance from professionals. Our objective at Carter Fence is to ensure that all our customers get nothing but the best service from us. 

Fences that save your cash while still delivering on the promise of security

The majority of homeowners may believe that hiring professionals to install a privacy fence will cost them a fortune, but this is not always the case.

As a company that offers free estimates as well as on-site project consultations, you can be sure that we aim to help you save the maximum you can on your project. We also offer some fence specials and promotions to help you save even further. 

What do you need to know about our privacy fence installations?

Our privacy fence installation process in Arlington, VA is time-efficient and effective. The fences we install are available in heights that go up to 10 feet. They are available in two main options when it comes to privacy:

  • Partial Privacy – This is for homeowners who want to have some privacy in their homes while still allowing for sunlight and airflow. Partial privacy fences have special features that allow filtered light to go through. Most of these fences are 5 feet tall and above. 
  • Complete Privacy – These fences are built in such a way that there are no visible gaps throughout the entire structure. They are the best option when you want to completely separate your yard from the outside. They are mostly taller in height and range from 6 to 10 feet. 

What reasons can make you want to install a privacy fence?

The reasons or benefits that inspire homeowners to install privacy fences will always vary from one person to the next. However, the general reasons for installing such fences include the following:

  • Protection – You can keep your family and pets safe using a privacy fence. Such a fence can be a good way to deter burglars and other threats to your home’s safety. 
  • Ease of maintenance – Privacy fences are easy to maintain, as all they require of you is regular cleaning and treatment to avoid damage. If part of your fence is damaged but the rest of the fence is in good shape, you’ll only have to repair or replace the damaged part. 
  • Variety – You can choose different styles and materials to use when installing your fence. By doing so, you get the advantage of ensuring that the fence fits seamlessly with the theme of your home. 
  • Noise control – As long as you use the right materials, a privacy fence can help in creating a barrier for unwanted noise from outside your home. 


Have your fence installed today

If you are looking for privacy fence installation professionals in Arlington, VA, all you have to do is contact Carter Fence for the quality service and results. 


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