Privacy Fences in Loudoun County VA: Safer for Kids and Dogs

If you are considering a new fence, there are a few very good reasons that privacy fences are safer for kids and dogs in Loudoun County, VA.

A Safe and Secure Play Area For Kids
A privacy fence is safer for kids, because it gives them a place to play that is secure. It prevents strangers – or a neighbor that you don’t feel comfortable being around your kids – from watching your kids at play. If a predator can’t see or easily reach your kids, they won’t take them.

A privacy fence can prevent your kids from leaving your yard – either on their own, with their little friends, or with an abductor.

A privacy fence also keeps unattended neighborhood kids and animals from getting into your backyard. This is especially important if you have a pool, sports area, deck, or shed in your backyard – all things that unattended children can hurt themselves in or on.

Safer and More Secure for Dogs, Too
If you have a dog or dogs who are easily excitable when they see other animals, people, or vehicles, a privacy fence is a must. A privacy fence will block other animals from view – and maybe even from smell. A dog will not chase what it cannot see or smell.

Dogs are usually unable to jump over tall privacy fences in Loudoun County, VA. (Providing that there is nothing they can jump on that will aid them in jumping over the tall fence.) Your dogs will be safe from people, animals, and getting hit by cars or trucks in your neighborhood.

If you have what some people call a “dangerous breed” of dog, a privacy fence is a must. Not only will it keep your dog safer, it will provide your neighbors a sense of security that your dog is not likely to get out and harm a child or another animal.

If you have kids or dogs, and want more information about privacy fences in Loudoun County, VA, please contact Carter Fence. Since 1986, Carter Fence has been installing and servicing privacy fences in Loudoun County, VA, and the rest of Northern Virginia. Our expert team uses quality materials and advanced installation and design techniques to ensure you get the best privacy fence for your needs.

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