Why Opt for a Vinyl-Coated Chain Link Fence Installation in Northern, VA?

Investing in a fence installation is a major commitment to securing your property to protect young children, pets or personal possessions. A chain link fence installation for your Northern, VA property could be your best option; however, a bare chain link fence can seem somewhat unattractive and take away the curb appeal of your home. Opting for a vinyl-coated chain link fence installation for your home in Northern, VA can hide the unattractive gray metal that regular chain link fencing presents.

A vinyl-coated chain link fence installation also offers some practical benefits for your property in Northern, VA as well—

  • A layer of vinyl helps to insulate the metal against elements.
  • The vinyl coating keeps water away from the metal of the chain link fence installation.
  • Vinyl reduces the risk of injuries.

A vinyl-coated chain link fence installation for homes in Northern, VA greatly extends the life of fences by reducing corrosion.  A typical chain link fence usually has areas where the metal is extremely sharp which can lead to scrapes and scratches for those who interact with the fencing. If the fence is corroded, this can put family members at risk for tetanus as well. This is extremely dangerous for young children who play near the fence. A vinyl-coated vinyl fence installation protects family members from the sharp metal of an unprotected chain link fence.

Unlike metal chain link fences, a vinyl-coated chain link is maintenance free. Other than spraying off dust and dirt, you won’t have to look at a rusty fence in years to come. It never has to be repainted, and other than unforeseen accidents it barely needs repairs. This allows you to further enjoy your home in Northern, VA without the extra upkeep.

Check with the team at Carter Fence, and they can advise you on the colors and different types of chain link fence installations that are available for homes in Northern, VA that will best suit your family’s needs. Call the experts and schedule a free consultation with their design team. Carter Fence is the leader in quality chain link fence installations in the Northern, VA area.

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