Year Round Fence Installation

Did you know that the ground rarely ever freezes enough to where you can’t dig into it—especially in Virginia! Perhaps you’ve bought a house in January and you don’t want to wait until the spring to install a privacy fence so that your kids and pets can enjoy playing outside safely.  Whatever your reasons, you can do so with year round fence installation from Carter Fence. Call today for a free estimate, 703-255-0824.

Cold Weather Does Not Affect Fence Installation

Other than cold hands while installing a new fence during the winter, the cold does not affect fence installation in any way. In some cases, the spring can actually be a worse time to install a fence around your home. The rain can affect how the cement sets which can alter the durability of your fence.

There are only two instances that would prevent you from installing a fence:

  1. If there is constant rain or snow and your post holes fill up with water.
  2. If there is a significant amount of snow on the ground and you cannot run a string line.

Save On Winter Fence Installation

Since most people install fencing in the spring, summer, and fall you can save big on fence installation during “off peak” months. Carter Fence offers a number of different options that are all available year round, including:

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