5 Things You Didn’t Know About Wood Fences

A wood fence can add charm, functionality, and value to your Northern Virginia property. The use of wood fencing over other materials is economical, easy to maintain, and can be blended into your current architectural style or constructed for a certain purpose. Made in a variety of styles and from various woods, a wood fence has a long life cycle expectancy that will give you years of practical use.

Wood Fences Make Great Sound Barriers

When used as a sound barrier a wood fence made from the proper materials and properly built can readily absorb street noises and sound from adjoining properties. They are usually constructed of pressure treated lumber, plywood, and products made from glued laminates.

The type of lumber you use is dependent on the look that you want to attain and your budget. Often made from panels that are partially assembled in a plant or onsite before attaching to its posts, sound barrier fences can add to the quiet enjoyment of your property in Northern Virginia.

Wood Fences for Privacy

Patio, lawn, and pool fences can be added to your land to maintain your privacy and secure your property. Fences can be built to allow the flow of air while maintaining your privacy. Many cities and municipalities require that pools be fenced in to keep wandering animals and children from accidently falling in.

Wood Fences Used as Wind Barrier

Just as you may want a fence that allows airflow, part of your property may need a windbreaker and a solid fence or slotted fence can fit this need depending on whether you want to stop the wind that crosses your property or just slow it down. A solid fence can cut the wind flow across your property by up to 50%.

More Cost Effective than Metal Fencing

A wood fence is just as aesthetically pleasing as a metal fence and usually more cost effective! When considering solid privacy panels or any other type of fence, wood is less costly than metal, has a longer life span, and is easily repaired.

Available in a Variety of Styles 

From the simple rail fence, to a lattice fence, that allows airflow, but still offers privacy and works well around pool areas and patios, wood fencing offers an elegance not offered by other fence materials.

Most privacy fences are five feet high or higher with the option of a closed design that acts as a full windbreaker or with a more open design that allows airflow but maintains your privacy. You can also choose a louvered fence or lattice fence, offering different architectural styles.

Rail type fences can be used over large stretches of property to keep in animals or to line one’s borders. Wood fence is the least expensive method for covering long property lines. Picket fences are ideal to edge your front lawn, giving your home a quant appearance.

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