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Most area fencing is done with treated pine or cedar. All posts are treated pine because cedar deteriorates quickly underground in damp conditions. In general, Cedar likes a hot, dry environment. If your yard is shady with mulch, flower bedding, or wood piles up against a fence then pressure treated pine is the better option.

Generally speaking, your fence can be installed within 1-2 weeks after the estimate. In some cases that time frame can be expedited to satisfy your needs for complying with county fence regulations (EX: you have a pool but no fence around it). During the peak spring season the wait times can be a bit longer, but rarely exceed more than 3 weeks.

It is always the homeowner’s responsibility to designate property lines. In some cases we are able to locate the corner markers using your “plat”, or survey. In some instances a property survey may be required if your boundaries are unknown. In most cases where an existing fence is being replaced, we simply follow the existing fence line.

Carter Fence will handle having miss utility contacted to mark the property for most underground utilities. These include electrical, telephone, gas, cable TV, and internet. Any drain lines, sprinkler systems, or outdoor wiring installed by the homeowner or a contractor should be marked clearly by the homeowner installing the fence. Miss Utility will not mark these and we want to avoid hitting them.

No, you do not need to apply any preservatives. Our fences are all maintenance-free and include a 1 year warranty. Sealing a fence is just another precaution that can be taken to try and increase the lifespan of the fence, but it is not necessary. Carter Fence does not paint or apply sealant to fences.

Carter Fence carries a 1 year warranty on material and labor for newly installed fences. This includes replacing and fixing any imperfections in material or craftsmanship used during the installation. Gates may need adjustment after several months because the ground will settle where the posts were set, sometimes bringing the latch out of alignment. We will correct the alignment so the gate functions properly. It should be noted that all wood is a natural product and as such will have some movement over time. This is normal.

Yes, Carter Fence accepts all major credit cards. It should be noted that all credit cards will have a 5% service fee added. This is nearly the exact amount the various financial institutions charge us to process the credit cards.

We offer all types of deck repair and re-surfacing. We repair or replace railings, steps, flooring, deck support posts, and pickets. Quite often the deck frame is fine, only the surfaces that are exposed to weather are cracked and splintered. This can save a lot over the cost of a full deck replacement.

Absolutely. We fence every yard as if it is our own. After 30 years in the field, we have encountered and solved just about every fence problem imaginable. Our crews have been trained directly from our experience and work diligently as well as carefully to install your fence. The fence is crafted with knowledge, clarity, and careful planning. We also ensure that our crews clean up neatly after themselves, as that is part of the installation.

In most businesses it is true that you get what you pay for. The absolute lowest cost provider is generally cutting corners somewhere. The outrageous prices often charged by big name providers do the exact opposite. We intentionally position ourselves in the lower tier of pricing as to stay competitive and honest with our customers. However, we do so while always providing the best service and the best quality of materials possible without cutting any corners. For this reason we do not compete for the lowest price. We compete to provide our customers with the most reasonable, honest quote possible while maintaining a high standard of quality.

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