Wood Fence Repair for Shabby Fences in Great Falls, VA

If your wooden fence on your property in Great Falls, VA has begun to look a bit shabby and you are considering replacing the entire fence, you might be able to save it with an easy wood fence repair.

Normally, wood fence posts rot over time and become weakened whether treated or untreated lumber was used or if they were installed directly in the soil or encased in concrete. Once the fence posts break, usually at the greatest stress point, the adjacent wooden fence sections of your fence start to lean over. This can make your wood fence at your home in Great Falls, VA look shabby and unattractive to neighboring homes and passerbyers.

A wood fence repair might require replacing the rotted post. Great Falls, VA homeowners would need to take off the adjacent fence panels to remove the old post out of the ground. This could mean a lot of digging and more so if the posts were set in concrete. Another wood fence repair method would be to dig a new hole next to the old post and offset the spacing pattern for a new post.

If you only have a few rotten posts which aren’t set in concrete on your property in Great Falls, VA, you might consider using steel splints or braces to stabilize the posts. E–Z Mender splints are easy to use and effective and can be purchased at your local Great Falls, VA hardware store. For posts set in concrete, install the Fix–A–Fence brace, also found at your local hardware store. Either of these wood fence repairs will save you time and money.

Another common wood fence repair for homeowners in Great Falls, VA is fixing sagging fence rails. Over time, the horizontal rails tend to sag and the fasteners which secure them to the posts begin to loosen. An easy wood fence repair may require applying a metal post–rail connector.

Whatever your wood fence repair, call the team at Carter Fence, and they will come to your home in Great Falls, VA and give you an estimate on the best way to repair your fence so that it will be functionable and once again look appealing to your neighborhood.





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