Fence Repair for Particular Fence Types in Reston, VA

Homeowners who have fences on their property in Reston, VA for keeping pets inside, small children inside, dividing property lines, or just privacy highly value their fencing. The barrier serves as Reston, VA homeowner’s fencing needs; therefore, its functionality depends on keeping the fence in tip-top shape. Overtime most any fence type will require fence repair at some point in its lifetime. Some of the most common fence types and fence repairs at homes in Reston, VA include—

  • Wood Fences—Weather conditions In Reston, VA, such as heavy sun and excessive downpours of rain, high winds, and snow, can play havoc on wooden fences. These conditions can cause rot for wooden fences, especially the wooden posts that are placed underground to support the fence. Sometimes fence repairs are required to replace posts in the ground. Chose the most rot-resistant lumber during the initial installation and take precautions to protect it against the weather.
  • Vinyl Fences—Although vinyl fencing is known for its durability, it still may require fence repair at some point. Cracks can typically be repaired with a repair kit from your local Reston, VA home improvement store. Sometimes part of the fencing may become unattached or damaged by a falling branch or runaway vehicle. You might want to hire a professional fence company such as Carter Fence to help with these types of fence repairs.
  • Chain-Link Fences—Chain-link fences are made of metal, so they are more prone to rust than other fencing materials. Reston, VA homeowners may experience certain areas of your fence that need fence repair or possibly replaced. Typically, because chain-link fences are composed of wires, damaged areas of the fence can be removed and replaced simply by loosening the meshing and removing the damaged area, and then replacing.

Your local fencing company, Carter Fence, will be glad to come to your home in Reston, VA, and give you an estimate for any fence repair. They can advise you on the best route to take regarding your particular fencing on your Reston, VA property, whether a fence repair is required or a new fence installation would be more practical.

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