Frequent Fence Repairs Common for Homes in Falls Church, VA

A fence on your property in Falls Church, VA is an important structure and serves a purpose. It may be to contain small children or pets inside a particular area, provide privacy, protect your property, or define your boundaries. As with any structure that is exposed to the elements, your fence is susceptible to damages and will at some point need fence repairs to correct the issues so it will continue to serve its purpose on your Falls Church, VA property.

Common fence repairs that most Falls Church, VA homeowners typically face include—

  • Leaning fence
  • Leaning fence posts
  • Fallen panels
  • Mildewed fence
  • Insect and rot damage
  • Missing pickets or boards

Homeowners will have to assess the extent of the damage to their fence in Falls Church, VA, and then decide whether it is more feasible to repair their fence or replace the fence. Generally, if the fence is over a third damaged, the homeowner should replace the fence.

If you only have a few posts that are leaning and it hasn’t caused too much damage to the structure of your fence, a fence repair may consist of replacing the fence posts if rotten, or if not, you might be able to brace the posts.

A leaning post may result from damaging winds or may be caused by soil issues such as erosion. In that case, you would need to hire someone who has experience with drainage systems or grading to solve the problem so it won’t happen in the future; otherwise, fixing a leaning post will be a common fence repair every couple of years at your home in Falls Church, VA.

Some fence repairs can be avoided by properly maintaining your fence. Walking around the perimeter of your fence will show you what needs to be done. If your fencing material is wood, more than likely, it may just need a good power washing and staining or sealing to preserve the wood. If you have neglected to maintain your fence, your fence repairs may include replacing a few rotten boards.

If you find you don’t have the time to maintain your fence in Falls Church, VA properly, call Carter Fence and set up a regular maintenance schedule with them, so your fence is always in tip–top shape. Preventive maintenance is less costly than fence repairs.

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