Wooden Fencing Styles for Privacy at Home in Purcellville, VA

Wooden fencing has always been an all–time favorite of homeowners who live in the Purcellville, VA area. From pickets to solid wooden fencing, the many different styles can serve whatever purpose you are trying to fulfill at your home in Purcellville, VA.

Whatever your reason for installing a fence around your yard, it can undoubtedly add a piece of charm and added curb appeal to your property in Purcellville, VA. There are a variety of materials that you can choose for your fence installation, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Before you start to dig the first hole for the fence post, determine the fence’s purpose. Are you trying to enclose a private area for young children or small pets to play and get a little exercise? Or maybe you just want to set boundaries between you and the neighbors in Purcellville, VA.

A privacy fence gives your outside living area a more secluded atmosphere where you can escape the outside world. Wooden fencing is an excellent material to use for the construction of your privacy fence from different styles such as—

  • Board–on–Board, also known as Shadowbox—One of the more wooden fencing designs for privacy, the boards are placed on alternating sides of the rail, giving it an overlapping pattern that looks the same on both sides of the fence.
  • Stockade—This particular wooden fencing offers the most in security. The side–by–sideboards each come with a pointed top that are pretty sharp. These jagged, sharp edges along the top of this wooden fencing style for your home in Purcellville, VA would discourage any climbers. Although it gives a fortress–like appearance, you can use Gothic point fencing boards to give your Purcellville, VA home a more decorative look with the same security.
  • Convex—This style of wooden fencing has boards placed side by side, with the height of the fence rising and falling in a wave pattern. Depending on the preference for your home in Purcellville, VA, the boards can be spaced close together for privacy or farther apart to allow a view and a breeze to travel through.

Call Carter Fence and discuss your plans for new wooden fencing on your property in Purcellville, VA. They will be glad to help in the entire process or answer any questions you might have.

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