Pros and Cons of a Shadowbox Fence in Ashburn, VA

A shadowbox fence is quite common in Ashburn, VA. This semi–private residential fence is neighbor friendly because it is equally attractive from both sides. No choosing as to which side gets the more attractive look.

If you look at a shadowbox fence straight on, it seems solid as a privacy fence; however, looking at it from an angle, you can see through the pickets making it a semi–privacy fence.

A shadowbox fence is built by alternating boards, attaching them vertically to each side of the framework. Gaps are left between the boards on the inside, and then the alternating boards on the outside cover the gaps left on the inside. This way, the fence looks the same on both sides, making it neighbor friendly in your Ashburn, VA neighborhood.

There are pros and cons of a shadowbox fence—


  • It looks the same on both sides.The design is very aesthetically attractive for homes in Ashburn, VA.
  • It provides adequate ventilation making it more resistant to strong winds and more airflow in your yard.


  • The additional lumber involved in the overlapping costs more in materials.
  • A shadowbox fence designed from wood requires more maintenance. It will need painting or staining periodically to protect it from the elements. It is also more vulnerable to rotting. The way to avoid this is to go with a vinyl shadowbox fence for your Ashburn, VA home.

Shadowbox fences are frequently found in neighborhoods with HOAs. When contemplating building a fence, make sure you follow all the zoning requirements for your area and any special requirements from your HOA. It would be a tragedy to put up a fence only to have to tear it down because you didn’t follow HOA or local zoning laws.

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