What Makes for a Good Dog Fence in Ashburn, VA?

Keeping your dog safe at your home in Ashburn, VA is your utmost priority. A visible fence is the way to go if you want complete protection for your dog. There are underground electric dog fences and wireless pet containment systems; however, these only keep your dog inside your fence but don’t keep other dogs from coming inside your yard.

A wooden, vinyl, or chain–link fence will provide a much stronger containment than electric or wireless dog fences. The type of material you choose for your dog fence will be determined by the budget you’ve allowed for your project and rather you want an open view or complete privacy.

A chain–link fence is a good choice if you want to save money and not much on curb appeal. Even a chain–link fence can be turned into a privacy fence by adding vinyl slats between the links.

A wood fence is next in line as far as expense. But note that the maintenance on a wood dog fence for your home in Ashburn, VA will require much care. A wood fence tends to rot, mold, and get infested with insects. Frequent painting or staining is needed to maintain a wooden fence. Treating for those pesky insects is necessary, too, if you want your fence to last.

A well–maintained pressure–treated wooden dog fence could last up to 15 to 20 years.

You can choose many different designs for your Ashburn, VA home’s wooden fence. Be sure to consider your dog’s size. If you have a small dog and the boards on your fence are spaced too far apart, your dog can escape his boundaries. If your fence is too short, larger dogs may attempt to jump over the top and could get hurt or escape.

Another great choice is a vinyl dog fence. Vinyl typically runs more than most wood fences at the initial installation, but in the long run, it requires little maintenance, saving you money through the lifetime of the fence. A vinyl fence will also save you the relentless hours of maintenance that a wooden fence would require of a homeowner in Ashburn, VA.

Some homeowners enjoy these spring projects and would prefer to save the money upfront by installing a wooden fence, whereas other Ashburn, VA homeowners may not have the extra time to maintain a wooded dog fence and would be wise to choose a vinyl dog fence.

Any questions you may have about installing a new dog fence can be answered by the team at Carter Fence. Call them today and see your options for a new dog fence at your home in Ashburn, VA.

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