What Drives Up the Cost of Fences in Northern VA

While many homeowners in Northern VA  still imagine a fence being constructed from wood, there are many more options available. The cost for your fence at your home in Northern VA will depend on many different factors, including—


Wood—Wood fences are normally cheaper when compared to vinyl fences. But that can change depending on the type of wood you select and the fencing style you choose. Lumber fluctuates in prices depending on market conditions, but you can get a general idea of what lumber will cost by going onto different websites and pricing lumber.

Pressure–treated lumber will be considerably cheaper than cedar or redwood, which could add as much as 20% to 50% in materials for your fence project.

After the initial wood fence installation comes year after year of maintaining your wooden fence, it’s not something you can build and ignore. Wood fences need to be thoroughly cleaned and either repainted or restained every couple of years to preserve the wood.

The effort of regularly maintaining your wood fence allows Northern VA homeowners to enjoy the natural beauty that wood fences have to offer.

Vinyl—Although the initial installation of a vinyl fence maybe a little over budget, in the long run, Northern VA homeowners can enjoy knowing that’s the long–term cost because other than spraying it off with a garden hose, periodically washing it, there is not much upkeep. You still want to walk your fence line to look for any damage that could be caused by fallen tree limbs, out–of–bounds baseballs, run–a–away–lawnmowers or possibly vehicles of sorts, or other accidents that typically happen to any fence you build.

Vinyl is resistant to pests such as termites, which can do extensive damage to wooden fences if not properly treated. They are resistant to rot as well.

Homeowners in Northern VA, who desire a wooden look for their fence, have many options to choose from, such as vinyl wood–grain fencing.

Carter Fence will work with you to keep your costs within your budget by explaining to you all the expenses that go into fences, such as the variety of fencing materials, styles, and designs, accessories such as gates, hinges, top caps for posts, and a professional installation so that once your fence is installed, it will stand upright and sturdy for many years to come.


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