Common Fencing Repairs in Purcellville, VA

Has your fence lost the exquisite appearance it once had years ago? No fear. Most fences can be repaired unless over 30 percent of it has fallen over or is getting ready to fall. At that point, you might consider tearing down the old fence and installing a completely new fence. But if it’s still worth saving, here are a few of the most common fencing repairs most Purcellville, VA homeowners face.

  • Post damage—A fencing repair for a loose or leaning post on your property in Purcellville, VA could be as easy as reinforcing the posts by adding braces to support the base by driving the brace into the ground and attaching it to the post’s undamaged section. A rotten post may require a more in–depth fencing repair. The post would need to be dug out and replaced with a new post set in concrete in this case.
  • Sagging Fence Gate—Some fencing repairs for sagging gates can be handled by reinforcing it with a no–sag kit to bring it back to square. You can purchase the kit at your local Purcellville, VA home improvement store.
  • Mildewed or Dirty Fence—Just a simple cleaning with a pressure washer could be all it takes to repair the damage to your fence. After it drys completely, apply stain to maintain its durability and increase its life span.

Purcellville, VA homeowners can avoid some fencing repairs if they take proper precautions. When you hire a professional fence builder to install your fence, you will get a much more robust and sturdier fence.

Professional fence installers have the expertise to construct your fence, so it stands upright, posts are dug deep enough, and set in concrete. The posts are the foundation of your fence, and shortcuts should be avoided. Dig at least 3 feet and set in concrete or gravel to prevent issues later. Pressure–treated or cedarwood are more resistant to rot and pests and should be used in the initial install.

Some fencing repairs are unavoidable, such as a fallen tree or limb or a runaway vehicle that strikes your fence and destroys fencing boards or tears a complete section of your fence out on your property in Purcellville, VA.

Homeowners in Purcellville, VA should walk their fence lines regularly and look for any damage and do the necessary fencing repairs as soon as possible to avoid more extensive damage. You can also call Carter Fence, and they will be glad to give you an estimate on any fencing repairs you are facing on your Purcellville, VA property. Set up a regular maintenance program with Carter Fence to fully protect your fence.

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