Making Decisions For a Backyard Fence in Ashburn, VA

Are you dealing with a small puppy, young children, or nosy neighbors in Ashburn, VA and want to install a backyard fence to keep pets and children in and others out? You can choose from many backyard fences, including wood, vinyl, and chain–link, all of which can give you privacy and the security you need for your family. Any of these types of backyard fences will also add curb appeal to your Ashburn, VA home.

Before deciding on any type of backyard fence, if you have an HOA, check their guidelines about which type of fencing you are allowed to install. Some HOAs have stringent rules.

A traditional picket fence will add charm to your Ashburn, VA home, as well as serve as a barrier to keep small pets and children inside, although it doesn’t give you much privacy. You can add lots of flowers or bushes on either side to block off spying eyes.

Picket fences come in either wood or vinyl. A vinyl fence never requires painting or staining, whereas a wooden backyard fence would require frequent maintenance. Considering your budget and what you can afford, consider long–term care when choosing a backyard fence for your Ashburn, VA home.

Wood usually is much cheaper than vinyl fencing for Ashburn, VA homeowners. Still, in the long run, after years of repainting and restaining a wooden fence, a vinyl backyard fence may cost more during the initial installation but cost less in the long run. Wood fences tend to rot over time and can be invaded by pests, damaging your fence. With vinyl, you don’t have these types of issues. Vinyl offers easy maintenance; just spray it off occasionally and maybe use a little soap and water for more difficult dirt or stains on your fence.

Either wood or vinyl fences offer many different designs. If you are looking for privacy for your Ashburn, VA home, consider a fence that the boards are butted tightly together and taller to allow you the best privacy. However, even a chain–link fence can offer you privacy by adding vinyl slats or planting shrubbery in front or back of your fence.

For all your fencing needs, call the team at Carter Fence, and they will be glad to assist you in choosing the best material, design, and layout for your property in Ashburn, VA, and discuss the installation of your new fence.

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