Common Metal Fence Repairs in Purcellville, VA

A well–maintained metal fencing under normal conditions in Purcellville, VA can last up to 30 years or more. Nevertheless, extremely harsh weather, heavy use, or the shifting in the ground may cause unanticipated damage. The natural movement of soil can cause metal fencing to shift over the course of several years, which may cause sags and droops in your fence. To keep your fence attractive and adequately functioning at your home in Purcellville, VA, any signs of damage should have the proper metal fence repairs as soon as possible.

Hurricanes, windstorms, or lighting in Purcellville, VA can uproot sections of a metal fence, especially those made from aluminum. The impact from a fallen branch or tree or a runaway vehicle can make for unforeseen metal fence repairs. Wear and tear can mean added metal fence repairs, but unnecessary repairs can be avoided with routine maintenance.

The gate on your metal fence may quit swinging freely. Usually, one of your more common metal fence repairs because of the extended use your gate receives at your home in Purcellville, VA. Lubricating the moving parts such as the hinges regularly might help, or a simple replacement of the latches or hinges may be all that is required. At some point, even the gateposts may need replacing and possibly the fencing sections that adjoin the gate.

If posts have uprooted or shifted in the ground, they should be set in concrete. If they were initially placed in concrete, they might need to be replaced and braced in new concrete.

If your fence becomes bent, twisted, or damaged in another way, sometimes the steel can be hammered back into shape. Typically homeowners in Purcellville, VA, who have aluminum fencing, the metal fence repair would involve replacing that section of your fence.

Sometimes if your fence is in terrible shape, metal fence repairs may not be your best solution. In these rare cases, sometimes it is best to tear down the old and install a completely new fence at your home in Purcellville, VA.

Whatever your fencing needs, call the team at Carter Fence. They do metal fence repairs along with other fencing, and if you would like, they can install a completely new fence at your home in Purcellville, VA.

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