What Picket Fences Symbolize About Homes in Leesburg, VA

White picket fences have been around since the colonial days. Because whitewash was so expensive back then and was much more challenging to maintain than plain wood fences, it became the symbol of prosperity. Those who could maintain whitewashed picket fences either had a lot of time on their hands or money to pay someone else to do it.

These white picket fences became the American dream in the fifties and sixties. As more people moved from the city to the suburbs, these picket fences became the symbol of the American middle–class fairytale family, where Mom stayed home, baked, cooked meals three times a day, cleaned, and vacuumed in her housedress. TV shows like Leave It the Beaver resembled this American dream with its white picket fence.

Still today, it is pretty popular among homeowners in Leesburg, VA. With so many historical homes, some dating back to the civil war, you will come in contact with quite a few white picket fences surrounding many homes in Leesburg, VA. Picket fences are not always white. They can be stained any color you want, or they also come in several different styles and colors in vinyl material.

Your local Leesburg, VA fencing company, Carter Fence, can show you the many different varieties of picket fences that are popular today. Some include—

  • Common Picket
  • Angled Picket
  • Gothic Picket
  • Dog Ear Picket
  • Scalloped Picket

These picket fences come with gaps between the pickets or as solid board picket fences, which are used more for privacy. There are so many different varieties you can choose from to get just the right picket fence for your home in Leesburg, VA. Whichever design you choose, be sure to have your fence gate designed to match or do something entirely different to show off your picket fence on your property in Leesburg, VA.

Call the experts at Carter Fence, and they will be glad to come to your property in Leesburg, VA, and give you a free no–obligation estimate for a new picket fence or whichever fencing style and material you choose to go with.

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