Different Types of Fence Installation to Consider for Great Falls, VA Homes

Once you decide you will install a fence at your home in Great Falls, VA, you should consider several different types before making your final selection for your fence installation.

    • Chain–link fence installation—A chain–link fence is one of the more affordable fencings that Great Falls, VA homeowners choose who just want an area of their property fenced in to keep young children or pets safe from outside intruders. Chain–link fences can also be made into privacy fences by adding slats woven into the links. These slats come in many different colors and styles.
    • Vinyl fence installation—There are many different styles to choose from if you want to select a vinyl material for your fence installation. From white pickets to privacy fencing, vinyl fencing is an excellent choice to install at your home in Great Falls, VA, because it never needs to be painted. These fence installations last for a long, long time and are extremely easy to care for; just a little soap and water and hosing it down is all it takes to make your vinyl fence installation continue to look as good as the day it was built.
    • Wood fence installation—By far the most popular among fence installations in Great Falls, VA. Wood fencing is easier on the wallet than vinyl fencing, but keep in mind that it also requires a lot more maintenance. These fences need to be painted, sealed, or stained every couple of years to keep them appealing at your home in Great Falls, VA. Many different designs can be made from wood, allowing Great Falls, VA homeowners to customize their fence to their specific desires and needs.
    • Wrought iron fence installation—If you are looking for an elegant, traditional look, consider a wrought iron fence. It is sturdy fencing, but a see–through fence that doesn’t offer much privacy, and it comes with a hefty price tag.

Call the team at Carter Fence, and they can explain the different types of fence installations and which one would be best suited for your property in Great Falls, VA.

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