Wood Fences Still Popular at Homes in Arlington, VA

Wood fences are still one of the more popular selections among Arlington, VA homeowners. You just can’t go wrong with wood fences because of the many different styles and designs that can add curb appeal to your home in Arlington, VA.

The style you select for your wood fence at your home in Arlington, VA will depend on your family’s needs and what you wish to accomplish.

Do you want to enclose a specific area to contain small children or small pets? Do you want privacy from prying eyes?

A solid board wood fence might work for you. Vertical boards are attached to sturdy horizontal boards with no space in between them. Add a locked gate, and you have the security and privacy you need for your home in Arlington, VA.

Another excellent selection for wood fences is board-on-board. This style is essentially a picket fence with pickets on both sides. This wood fence offers privacy with a variety of scalloped and lattice tops that you can choose from.

If you want a more see-through effect to show off your beautiful landscaping, go for a picket wood fence. Picket wood fences come in a variety of scalloped tops, various widths and heights, and you can either paint or stain your wood fence to blend in with the rest of your landscaping in Arlington, VA home.

Wood fences can pretty much be made into any design that you want for your home. While typically most fencing boards run up and down in a solid board wood fence, you can run them across or even diagonally and make your own design. There is just no limit on what can be designed for wood fences today in Arlington, VA, with just a little bit of imagination.

If you want a custom wood fence for your property in Arlington, VA, call the expert team at Carter Fence, and they will be glad to come to your home and help you design a wood fence that will add value to your home as well as curb appeal.

When you work with a fence company such as Carter Fence, you are getting a team of professionals with years of experience in design, material selection, and installation.

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