Damaged Wooden Fences in Need of Fence Repair in Arlington, VA

Wooden fences are susceptible to nature’s environment, especially rotting. Sun, rain, wind, and snow can wreak havoc on your wooden fence at your home or business in Arlington, VA, which will eventually require fence repair.

Leaning fences are generally caused by rotting posts. Posts that aren’t correctly treated or set in concrete will usually rot away at ground level. Your fence repair should use the most rot–resistant lumber you can feasibly afford. Pressure–treated lumber is expensive. Pressure–treated lumber is saturated with preservatives and lasts almost indefinitely, even when it’s buried beneath the ground. Cedar and redwood will also stand up well beneath the ground but are also costly.

Another common fence repair for homeowners with wooden fences in Arlington, VA is replacing the bottom rails of your fencing. When vegetation rubs against these boards and traps in water, these boards tend to rot as well.

Arlington, VA homeowners and business owners should do a yearly inspection of their fences for any needed fence repairs. Any needed fence repair should be handled as soon as possible, so further damage doesn’t happen. A leaning post could end up pulling down your entire fence if the fence repair is let go too long.

The last thing you want is for your fence to be an eyesore to your Arlington, VA neighborhood because of the necessary fence repairs that you might keep putting off. The best way to take care of your fence is to enter into a maintenance agreement with your fencing company in Arlington, VA. They will come and evaluate your fence and give you an estimate on all the fence repairs required to keep your fence sturdy and appealing.

If you have any questions or want to enter into a maintenance agreement, call the team at Carter Fence, and they will be glad to answer any of your questions on new fencing or any fence repairs you may have at your Arlington, VA home. Take the necessary steps today to get your fence repairs taken care of so your fence will perform well for your business or family’s needs.

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