Does Insurance Cover Commercial Fence Repair in Northern VA?

Commercial fence repair in Northern VA is frequently caused by vehicles hitting a fence or gate or by delinquents cutting a fence to gain access to a business with the intent to steal merchandise. In most of these cases, a business owner can turn the damage into their insurance company if their policy covers these damages. In some cases, if the damage is not severe or too costly, a business may just swallow the cost themselves because the deductible may be more than the damage itself.

As a Northern VA business owner, if you decide to get your insurance company involved and they deem the damage is an insurance claim, you will typically be required to have three different estimates for damages. These estimates will then need to be submitted to your insurance carrier.

Most insurances have a deductible that needs to be met. An adjuster may come to your Northern VA property to evaluate damages and assess a monetary value. The age of the fence, the construction materials, and how well it was built will be considered.

If your commercial fence is part of your security system, your insurance company will most likely act quickly to get your commercial fence repair handled. Commercial fence repair that is not addressed in a timely way can lead to further loss. Once your commercial fence repairs are completed, your Northern VA property is once again safe and secure.

When a vehicle is involved and collides with your fence at your Northern VA business, the driver’s auto insurance coverage will be used for any of your commercial fence repairs.

Always be sure to have adequate insurance coverage. You may want to include additional clauses in your policy that cover fencing and outside security components. Be sure to invest in a quality fence and keep it properly maintained to avoid unnecessary commercial fence repairs. Minor altercations will less likely damage a good quality fence.

Making wise choices in fencing and insurance will help you protect and help ensure you do not suffer from unexpected losses.

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