Wooden Fence Repair for Sagging Fence Gates at Homes in Purcellville, VA

Wood gates at homes in Purcellville, VA are vulnerable to wooden fence repair because there is more wear and tear on the gate and the posts that support the gate. Gravity is constantly pulling the wood gate downward, which puts stress on the hinges, loosens fasteners, and coaxes the gate post to lean over and eventually require a wooden fence repair.

Screws and bolts that hold the hinges often loosen in the wood, causing the entire gate structure to fall out of square due to the gate’s weight. The wooden posts may also start to lean, sometimes from rot where the post meets the ground. This will then cause the gate to sag and not swing smoothly. Once this happens, or at the notice of the gate not swinging smoothly, a wooden fence repair should be done so it doesn’t get any worse and that much harder to fix.

When the hinge screws lose their grip over time, you can drill through the old holes and mount the hinges with galvanized or stainless steel carriage bolts that run through the gate and gate post. This is easier and more secure than moving the hinges and driving screws into new wood.

Wood gates frequently drop toward the bottom corner opposite of the hinges, so the gate gets out of square. An anti–sag kit can pull the low corner up towards the upper hinge to square the gate to hang straight. These kits come with metal corner brackets, cable and fittings, and a turnbuckle. Once the hardware is installed, turn the turnbuckle to pull the gate, so it is square. Over time when the gate starts to sag again, just turn the turnbuckle a few turns to square the gate up again.

If your wooden fence repair in Purcellville, VA means resetting or replacing the post that requires removing the gate, digging up the post and the concrete footing if it has one, and installing either the same post or a new post in fresh concrete.

A sagging fence gate that is unattractive and not functioning correctly at your Purcellville, VA home is not a good thing. If the gate doesn’t work properly, it is useless or causes a lot of frustration when using it. The unattractive gate doesn’t do much for the appearance of your property either. It can be a real eyesore for your neighborhood in Purcellville, VA, so a wooden fence repair should be done as soon as possible to make it functional and pleasant–looking once again.

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