Why Privacy Fence Repair at your Sterling, VA Home Is So Important

Homeowners in Sterling, VA, have a privacy fence for various reasons. It may be for privacy, to exclude others from looking in, to keep pets or young children safely secured in the yard, to mark the property’s boundary, or just because for no other reason than to add curb appeal to the Sterling, VA home. It’s important to maintain your fence properly. Without the proper privacy fence repair, your fence could soon become unfunctional in its design and a complete eyesore to your neighborhood.

With the proper upkeep and privacy fence repair, a wooden privacy fence can give you years of enjoyment. On the other hand, without adequate privacy fence repair and routine maintenance, you may be looking at replacing your fence long before you expected. Regular upkeep will help Sterling, VA homeowners preserve their fence in the long run, but even at that, there is no way to protect homeowners from needing privacy fence repair altogether. As with anything to do with a home, somehow, repairs will always be required. It’s part of being a homeowner in Sterling, VA.

One of the main reasons for privacy fence repair is weather damage. Heavy downpours, snowstorms, harsh winds, or salt air, if you live close to the beach, can play havoc and degrade your fence quickly if not properly maintained. Another common reason for privacy fence repair by homeowners in Sterling, VA is runaway vehicles, vandalism, or an insect infestation of a wood fence.

Some common privacy fence repairs you may face as a homeowner in Sterling, VA may be—

  1. Rusted or popped nails sticking out of your fence that need to be replaced to prevent them from snagging clothes or causing injury to a family member or family pet.
  2. Your fence could be suffering from wet or dry rot. The affected area should be cut out and patched or replaced with new lumber to prevent the decay from spreading.
  3. Your fence may start to wobble or sag, in which case you need to support the area with a brace or tension rod as soon as possible to prevent it from worsening.
  4. Most common are leaning posts. The post may be rotten, or the hole may be too big. If needed, you should replace the post and fill the hole with stone or concrete if the hole is too big.

With routine checks and regular maintenance for privacy fences, a Sterling, VA homeowner should be able to keep their fence in tip–top shape. If you can’t find the time or are not a do–it–yourself kind of homeowner, call the team at Carter Fence, and they will be glad to take care of any privacy fence repairs at your home in Sterling, VA.

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