5 Reasons to Get a Privacy Fence for your Northern Virginia Home

Here are 5 reasons why you should get a privacy fence for your Northern Virginia home.

  1. An Outdoor Pool – Most of the counties and cities/towns in Northern Virginia require homeowners to have a tall fence installed around their backyard pool for safety reasons.

    From the government’s perspective, this law will prevent neighborhood children from accessing the pool and drowning. Even if the government doesn’t require you to have a tall fence, your homeowner’s insurance may.

    By making the fence a privacy fence, you not only make your pool time more private, you also greatly reduce the temptation for others to access your pool without your permission. (Think, “Out of sight, out of mind.”)

  2. A Deck – A privacy fence gives you control of who can and can’t see you as you engage in activities around your home. For instance, if you or your older kids like to sunbathe. Do you want someone watching you or the kids? Probably not.
  3. A Fruit or Vegetable Garden – Unless you want everyone and their brother watching you while you garden – or want to invite deer and other wildlife to eat the literal fruits of your labors – you’ll want to get a privacy fence installed around your Northern Virginia garden.
  4. An Exercise or Sports area – Your backyard is your personal space for doing things that you want to do – from exercising, to playing sports like basketball, to having play equipment for kids. You want to prevent prying eyes, unattended neighborhood kids, and animals from accessing your backyard – and a privacy fence does that.
  5. A Shed – if you have a shed that you fill with lawn or home improvement equipment and chemicals, a privacy fence will keep unattended neighborhood children and criminals from accessing what’s in that shed.

For more information about privacy fences in Northern Virginia, please contact Carter Fence. Since 1986, Carter Fence has been installing and servicing privacy fences in Northern Virginia. Our expert team uses quality materials and advanced installation and design techniques to ensure you get the best privacy fence for your needs.

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