Alternating Board Fence Repair Keeps Fences Looking Great in Manassas, VA

Having an alternating board fence on your property in Manassas, VA takes significant upkeep to keep it looking great and functional at all times. Investing in the occasional alternating board fence repair is a must. You never want your fence to lose its curb appeal and become an eyesore to your local community in Manassas, VA, nor do you want to lose your fence’s function, which could lead to a family pet or young child getting out of your yard.

Some common alternating board fence repairs that you will likely experience during the lifetime of your fence in Manassas, VA could be—

  • Sagging Fence Gates—No doubt, this could be the first repair that you will need, mainly if your gate is well used. The back and forth motion of any gate will eventually wear out the hinges. If you are at all the handyman around your house, a hardware gate repair is something that you can possibly do on your own.
  • Warped Sections of Fencing—Neglecting a fence over the years can cause your alternating board fence to warp. A bad installation of the initial fence can also, over the years, cause your fence to sag or twist. Always choose the highest-quality fencing materials that your budget will allow for your fencing in Manassas, VA.
  • Leaning Fence Posts—The temperature changes and weather underground where the fence posts are placed in Manassas, VA affect your posts, causing them to warp, lean, or rot. Alternating board fence repair for leaning posts should never be put off. The extra weight that comes from the structure of an alternating board fence can easily tear down a weaken post.

The best way to avoid unnecessary alternating board fence repair in Manassas, VA is to keep your fence in tip-top shape. Washing your fence regularly will keep the debris and dirt from ruining the wood of your fence. Depending on the type of wood material, you will need to repaint or restain your fence to preserve the wood; otherwise, it will turn gray and begin to look old and rustic. Although some prefer the rustic look, your fence will not last as long, and you will need major alternating board fence repairs if not properly maintained.






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