Ashburn VA Outdoor Fencing

Carter Fence is a family-owned company that has provided quality outdoor fencing to for over thirty years. We design and install every need that Ashburn VA outdoor fencing might have as other parts of Northern Virginia. We meet this need with natural and composite woods along with manufactured materials like vinyl.

We have many different natural kinds of wood in our inventory, but we mostly use pressure-treated cedar and pine. After treatment, each wood is very resistant to weather. Before installation, we apply a weatherproof stain or a primer and weatherproof paint to each slat, crosspiece, pole, and gate. It further extends the life of the wood, but homeowners still need to examine their fence every year for surface wear and painting or staining.

Carter Fence uses only one type of composite for Ashburn VA outdoor fencing. Trex is one of the few that is cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and accurately simulates the look of natural wood. It also accepts primer and paints more effectively than other composite products.

Vinyl is a manufactured material which is growing in demand. It is easily cut and shaped, so there are few restrictions on length or width, enabling us to use it for many fence types. It is less affected by weather than natural or composite woods and usually remains undamaged unless a tornado or other type of extreme weather pulls it out of the ground. It is also very stain-resistant.

After three decades, our most requested installation is still the backyard fence. Depending on what the customer desires, we use natural wood or Trex. We prefer to use pine on larger fences since it is the most cost-efficient option and the wood is readily available year-round.

The traditional, picket fence is still very popular with many homeowners in Northern Virginia. Natural wood is preferred, but we are seeing more people choosing vinyl. They want to keep home maintenance to a minimum, and vinyl is excellent for that. Once installed, homeowners can clean this Ashburn VA outdoor fencing with just a garden hose and a high-pressure spray wand.

More homes in our area are becoming weekend retreats with more owners keeping horses and other large animals, so pasture and split-rail fences are growing in popularity and need. The options we recommend for these fences are natural and composite woods. Each provides an attractive look and provide a secure barrier against escaping animals. In some cases, where additional strength or security is needed, we can apply a vinyl mesh to either fence type.

If you are considering a new outdoor fence for your Ashburn VA home, contact Carter Fence. We offer a free design consult and estimate to every customer. To learn what we can do for you, call today at 703-255-0824.

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