Aurora Highlands, VA Outdoor Fencing

Carter Fence is a leader in the fencing industry in Northern Virginia for the last thirty years. Obviously, we do more than dig holes and drop in posts. We offer an incredible variety of natural woods, composites, and manufactured options to meet the demands of each customer. Since we have designers on staff, it is much easier for us to tailor Aurora Highlands VA outdoor fencing to each home.

Backyard fences are still the most common request we have for installation. While we offer a wide variety of natural woods, pressure-treated pine is our preferred material to use. It is cost efficient, looks good, and holds both primer and outdoor paint very well as protection against the weather. The only drawback to natural wood is that it requires more maintenance than manufactured options like composites or vinyl.

Pasture fences are a growing requirement in our area. We use pine for these fences, but composites are also a good option. Customers still prefer the look of real wood, even for a fence that is not observed too closely, like one that encloses a horse pasture. It is why we only use one composite, Trex, for Aurora Highlands VA outdoor fencing. This eco-friendly option is cost-efficient compared to other varieties and is much more durable than natural wood. Trex simulates the appearance of it so well that customers cannot tell the difference until they are close enough to feel it.

For the garden, pool, and picket fences, vinyl is a material growing in popularity. It is very stain-resistant, which makes it perfect for Aurora Highlands VA outdoor fences that surround pets or in other areas that see a lot of foot traffic with people continually opening and closing the gate. After we apply a primer, paint, and install the vinyl, homeowners can clean off their fence with a basic hose and a high-pressure spray nozzle.

In addition to the home fences listed above, we also install chain link for areas like pet runs. The options include standard galvanized links, or we can cover the metal with a black or green vinyl coating. Both types protect against the weather, but the black or green vinyl helps to blend the fence into the background to prevent breaking up the view when observed from a distance.

With the weather so perfect much of the year, Carter Fence also helps homeowners design a deck to turn their home into the perfect setting for informal family gatherings and large, outdoor parties. Depending on what the customer needs, we use natural woods or the Trex composite.

As a family-owned business now starting its fourth decade, we understand that each residence is not just a job, but a home. Our third generation is now part of Carter Fence, and we are pleased to see them support the children and grandchildren of our original customers thirty-one years ago. To find what we can do for your home, call us at 703-255-0824 today.

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