Benefits of Adding an Awning

An awning can be a lovely addition to your home.  Porch, deck, or patio space is instantly made much more comfortable with the addition of an awning. Awnings add style to your home’s exterior and promote energy savings.  For those who like to spend time relaxing and enjoying the outdoors, an awning is a must!

Indulge in Seasonal Beauty

Northern Virginia is blessed with the four seasons in all their glory. Is there anything more enjoyable than springtime in our area? When you add an awning to your patio, deck, or porch, you can enjoy each season by creating extra, usable living space.  Your family, friends, and guests won’t be bothered by harsh sunlight, or light rain.  The vast expanse of the area protected by an awning far exceeds any protection offered by even the best patio umbrella.

Aesthetically, your porch or patio awning is customized to complement your home, with your choice of fabric, and in several combinations designed to enhance your outdoor living.  Your awning is a wonderful investment for your family.  Spending time relaxing in your backyard, out of the sun, and making memories for a lifetime is simply priceless.

Save Money & Add Value!

Your awning is not only an investment in your outdoor living space, but provides benefits for the inside as well.  Awnings deflect the sun’s UV rays, so they help keep your energy costs down in the summer. By preventing and filtering the glaring sun that would normally enter your home, your awning can reduce energy costs by up to a third. Your awning helps to reduce direct window heat by 70 percent!

Your awning can help pay for itself over time, simply by boosting your energy savings. There are other benefits to adding an awning that help make your awning a wise purchase.  The same superior UV protection that prevents damage outside is also extended to your interior space, protecting your floors, furniture, paint and window seals from damage and fading.  Awnings are also a great selling point, should you decide to put your home on the market.  An awning adds value and curb appeal. A finished outdoor area is a true advantage in today’s real estate market.

Awning Installation in Northern Virginia

A new awning from Carter Fence is more than protection from the elements; it’s a way to add enjoyment to your everyday life.  Carter Fence is dedicated to your complete satisfaction, from sales to installation, and beyond.  Contact Carter Fence today and find out how you can start living a more enjoyable life.

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