Best Lumber for Wood Fences in Arlington, VA

Not all lumber for wood fences in Arlington, VA is created equal. The lumber you choose for your project depends on the quality and rot resistance you are looking for that will fit within your budget. There are different grades of lumber and several different types of wood that are recommended for wood fences in Arlington, VA


This is the most expensive type of wood fence. Some Arlington, VA homeowners find the pricey cost of redwood is uneconomical for extended or large fence projects, but the aesthetic value and quality does make it high on the list of being one of the best materials to use for wood fences. Some homeowners use a higher-grade redwood for the fence panels and use a lower-grade wood for the fence posts, to be able to squeeze redwood into a budget. The higher-grade redwood gives the most resistance to rot and insects for property owners in Arlington, VA.

Cedar or Cypress

Cedar contains natural oils whereas cypress contains a natural chemical, cypretine. Both of these natural aromatic oils and chemicals make cedar and cypress resistant to insects. These types of wood fences are rot resistant which gives them a longer lifespan than cheaper wood selections. Native to the Southern parts of the United States, cypress trees are shipped long distances which can increase their price for Arlington, VA homeowners. Cedar, which is middle-of-the-road, may fit your budget better.

Spruce, Fir or Pine

These types of lumber are everyday choices most homeowners choose for their wood fences in Arlington, VA because they are affordable and durable. Stockade or picket fences are often made from spruce. Pine and fir are usually pressure-treated lumber with an insecticidal CCA, chromated copper arsenate, which is used to deter termites and other wood destroying insects. Fences from this type of lumber should still be treated with a water-repellent stain to prevent the wood fence from rotting and increasing its durability and lifespan.

Grade of Wood

The grade of wood selection will also depend on the Arlington, VA homeowners budget. Clear and premium grade woods are the highest in quality. Less expensive grades are select and construction grade, still a good quality for wood fences.

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